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My name is Dianne and my passion for color and my birthplace Trinidad & Tobago.  I am a former computer programmer turned Yarn Shop Owner (2004 - 2007) who decided to close the yarn shop in 2007.  I begun dyeing yarn because I wanted my shop to have an exclusive yarn that no other yarn shops in my area could buy.  In 2006 I began selling commercial yarn at quilting & fiber shows.   In June 2007 I made the decision to closed my yarn shop because I could no longer be superwomen; running a yarn shop and all that goes with it, dyeing yarn and traveling across the country selling yarn at fiber shows sometimes 3 weekends in a month.

No returns or refunds.  All sales are final.

Most orders ship within 2-3 weeks of being placed.  If I'm vending at a show there might be an additional delay.

Please note it can take me up to a week to respond to emails.

For questions regarding sales or service, please e-mail info[AT]creativelydyedyarn[DOT]com

DISCLAIMER:  Each skein & roving are handpainted individually, so skeins may not always match, even within the same dye session. If you are concerned about "pooling", you can always alternate knitting with the two ends of the skein — this will help mix up the colors a little more. Each picture is taken captivate the intensity of my hand dyes colors for your viewing pleasure but because of the different monitor pixels and settings.  The colors you see may not be the colors that I see but I promise you that my handdyes are even better in person.  Thanks

Some of our yarns have at least 15 colors in the deepest colors which may leave excess dyes on the skein.  The excess dye may rub off on your hands or wooden needles.  Your body chemistry, lotion on hands or many other factors may leave more dye on you than the other person.

All dyes have a tendency to crock or run if an excessive amount was used on the fiber. Reds, dark greens and black are the worst. It is difficult to control this. Hand dyers and commercial dyers alike deal with this problem.  You may have to set the dyes by putting them in a pot with a ½ water and ½ vinegar and simmer for 30 minutes to remove excess dye.